Commercial Litigation, Administrative Law, Appellate Practice** 



Practice Areas



*** These are just some of the practice areas in which Julie Camacho can guide you. Sometimes you won't know what might be involved in your case until you talk to an attorney. Please call me so that we can discuss your legal needs.

  • Commercial Litigation/ Business Disputes/ Business Defense
  • Personal Injury/ Wrongful Death/ Dram Shop Defense
  • Civil Appeals and Appellate Advice
  • Administrative Hearings and Appeals
  • First Amendment Litigation
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Litigation
  • Reviewing Contracts and Real Estate Transactions

 If I feel you need more specialized legal counsel, I will endeavor to provide you with the name of an attorney whom you might contact




I represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Commercial litigation which typically requires the knowledge and legal skill to guide clients through situations involving the following issues:

Contract Disputes/ Contract Interpretation/ Contract Drafting

  •     Demand letters, counteroffers, acceptance and delivery, rejection in good faith, detrimental reliance, force majeure, assignment, partial or substantial performance, statute of frauds, fraud and misrepresentation, mitigation of damages, specific performance, estoppel, and the calculation of damages.

Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer-Protection Act

  •      Including responding to DTPA demand letters, inspections, compromising claims, defending against the claim when my client is not at fault, avoiding treble or exemplary damages by application of statutory caps, and preventing claims by reviewing advertisements and marketing materials. I handle DTPA and consumer claims when I feel strongly that the business is at fault, but these I usually handle pro bono for folks who are elderly, minorities, or U.S. military veterans. We are typically able to settled these cases because I do not seek excessive damages.


  • I represent bars, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues against overreaching plaintiffs. I have successfully procured dismissal of wrongful death/survival claims, avoided litigation entirely by simply responding to the initial demand letter with facts reflecting that the venue is not at fault for the injuries, and settled cases for small amounts to end litigation when I wasn’t contacted until after the law suit was filed. I will guide you to make the best business decision related to these types of claims.


  • Whether you win or lose in the trial court, one or both parties may seek to change the outcome by appealing the judgment to a higher court. Many appeals involve moving the case to the intermediate appellate courts of Texas.  I have experience with this practice and can advise you regarding the benefits of making this choice, or work with you in responding when your opponent takes the case up on appeal.


  • The administrative process in Texas is complicated and time sensitive and requires a solid understanding of the Texas Administrative Code as well as the statutes which relate to each administrative agency. I can guide you so that you satisfy the procedural requirements that could otherwise foreclose a positive outcome on your behalf. I have handled administrative cases involving the following entities Texas Alcohol Tobacco Commission (T.A.B.C.), Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, local Ad Valorem taxation issues.


  • If you feel that your First Amendment rights have been violated by the government, Julie Camacho is a member of the First Amendment Lawyers Association and would be glad to talk to you about your options.


  • There are many laws related to real estate in Texas, and I will work with you to ensure that your real estate transaction is finalized legally and effectively. When something does go wrong, I handle litigation in state and federal courts across Texas, and look forward to guiding you through your real estate dispute. Preparing for litigation starts long before trial with drafting or responding to pretrial demand letters, rejection letters, and counteroffers. Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender, or realtor, I can help you.
  • Real Estate Litigation- I can guide you to a pre-litigation resolution or represent you once litigation has begun. Real Estate cases typically require knowledge and the legal skill to guide clients in handling the following issues: Condemnation and Eminent Domain, Mutual Release From Purchase Contracts, Rescission of Contracts, Revocation of Counter Offers, Liens, Easements and Right of Way, Adverse Possession, Encroachment and Encumbrances, Deeds, Quiet Title Actions, Homeowner’s Association Fee Defense, Commercial and Residential Leases and Subleases, Construction and Improvements.
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues : Evictions- I have worked on behalf of landlords and defended tenants.
    Security Deposit Recovery- Defense​ of landlords, including advising on the proper method to avoid litigation and violation of the Texas Property Code, and representation of Tenants seeking to recover Security Deposits wrongly withheld.


  • Because it is important that your business contracts and agreements are negotiated and drafted correctly to ensure that your interests and rights are protected, in the event that litigation ensues, I take a strategic approach to guiding you through the drafting process. I help you manage risks to make sure that your present and long-term objectives are addressed while I protect you from unnecessary future lawsuits.
  •  The typical contracts and agreements that I draft, review, and enforce for business clients might include the following: business contracts, rental/lease agreements between landlords and tenants, commercial retail lease agreements, equipment leases, service contracts, sales and marketing agreements, agency agreements, acquisition agreements, employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, independent contractor agreements, gift deeds, warranty deeds, commercial lease agreements, option to purchase agreements, sale agreements, purchase agreements, land contracts, rules and regulations for residential and commercial properties, notice to exercise purchase options, rent increase notices, lease violation notice, permission to sublet agreements.

Contract for Deed/ Executory Contract

  • Without creating an attorney client relationship, my free legal advice to anyone considering selling a residential property on a contract for deed is,just don’t. There are many onerous statutory requirements which made it difficult to safely complete this type of contractual transaction with someone to whom you are not related.
  •      With the most recent legislative changes, the buyer has a statutory right to convert the Contract for Deed into a Warrant Deed and Deed of Trust leaving you holding all the risk during the payment period. If you have already entered into a contract for deed, whether last month or 15 years ago, call me and I can provide you with legal advice to guide you into compliance with Texas Property Code, Chapter 5, Subchapter D, related to executory contracts for deed.